AIMday Quantum Computing 2023

The University of Edinburgh will host AIMday Quantum Computing on Tuesday 18 April 2023, in collaboration with University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde through the Quantum Computing Applications cluster, and with participation from Heriot-Watt University, University of St Andrews and the UK Quantum Computing Simulation Hub.

AIMday Quantum Computing 

Quantum computing has the potential to offer exponential benefits through its applications, what is known as quantum advantage. The technology is maturing and now is the time to consider what businesses and intractable problems may be ripe for quantum advantage.  

The purpose of this AIMday is to bring industry-led challenges in quantum computing hardware, software, and applications to a strong network of academic experts. We invite industry partners in the following thematic areas: 

  • developing hardware devices (OEMs), and looking for expertise to solve technical hardware problems or looking to access fabrication and lab facilities
  • building software stacks or those interested in hybrid computing, and looking for expertise in program languages, noise characterisation, error correction, benchmarking and verification, integration with HPC, cryptographic protocols, and applications including machine learning and simulation
  • not developing hardware or software but interested in starting on their quantum journey looking to access practical expertise on whether and when their business and intractable problems may be ripe for quantum advantage. 

How to participate 

If you are interested in joining the event see the AIMday page for more details and to register.

2500 712 Jonathan Pritchard