PhD Position – Quantum Computing (Software)

We invite applications for a fully funded PhD position to work with Prof Elham Kashefi in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh on a project titled “Quantum Computing”. The project is supported by Nomura International PLC. An external partner with a reputation for digital disruption, diversified expertise, and integrated processes.

Quantum Computing is an emerging technology with the potential to transform Finance. This research proposal focuses on the development of algorithms and numerical methods that exploit the unique features of quantum systems, in preparation for the appearance of scalable and fault-tolerant quantum computers.

The target applications are in the pricing and risk management of financial derivatives. As a mathematical problem, this resolves into two parts:

  • Capturing the distribution of the underlying market variables.
  • Evaluating the moments of the market distribution, potentially with complicated boundary conditions.

The research challenge is to develop algorithms that effectively exploit these quantum features and demonstrate their advantage in applications.

For more details or to apply see the job description here (closing date 30th June 2023).

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