Research Fellow – Neutral Atom Quantum Computing

Applications are invited to join the Experimental Quantum Optics and Photonics group within the Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde as a Research Fellow.

We are seeking a highly motivated and qualified applicant to work alongside the neutral atom quantum computing team led by Dr. Jonathan Pritchard developing novel platforms for neutral atom quantum computing through the EPSRC Prosperity Partnership Scalable Qubit Arrays (SQuAre) with M Squared Lasers, and the RAEng Senior Research Fellowship cryogenic dual species arrays for Quantum Error correction with Rydberg atoms (QuERy). These projects aim at advancing application of neutral atom hardware to industrially relevant problems in through analogue optimisation, and creating a future fault-tolerant platform for quantum computing by exploiting cross-talk free readout and interspecies gates for implementing quantum error correcting codes. This work is undertaken in close collaboration with the Quantum Software team lead by Prof. Andrew Daley and associated industrial partners.

This new role aims to develop a complementary programme of work in neutral atom computing and simulation, focused on exploiting the benefits of a dual-species platform.

As a Research Fellow, you will engage as an independent researcher in individual and collaborative research, establishing a distinctive programme of research and disseminating results through regular publications in high impact journals, books and conference proceedings. You will apply, as Principal Investigator and/or Co-Investigator, to appropriate external bodies for research funding and manage grants awarded. You will manage a research team (students and staff), providing direction, support and guidance and you will participate in and develop external networks to foster research collaborations, to inform the development of research objectives and to identify potential sources of funding. You will develop knowledge exchange activities by, for example, establishing research links with industry and influencing public policy and the professions and you will collaborate with colleagues to ensure that research advances inform departmental teaching effort, including contributing to relevant teaching programmes as appropriate. You will carry out Department/School, Faculty and/or University administrative and management functions, for example through membership of committees and engage in continuous professional development.

For more details or to apply see the job description here (closing date 15th September 2023).

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